Methods for the development and testing of polymeric hybrid photovoltaic thermal (PVT) collector for indoor experiments.

The purpose of this article is to present the methods for the development and testing of polymeric hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) collectors for indoor experiments. Polymeric material has been used in hybrid PVT collectors and even longer used on flat plate collectors.

We have developed a method to make a hybrid PVT collector with an absorber made of a polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) and combined with a copper sheet. To understand the details of the thermal and electrical performance, we have developed a method to test this PVT collector by conducting a series of experiments by varying the mass flow rate, irradiance, and inlet water temperature.

The results showed that PMMA as a thermal absorber with a copper sheet can provide a beneficial cooling effect of around 80% thermal efficiency and a 0.03 %/oC decrease in electrical efficiency. •

This method makes PVT collector hybrids easily and cheaply using simple equipment.•This method provides simple technical testing of hybrid PVT collectors•This method can be applied to make a larger hybrid PVT collector with modular.